STRD LLC is an expert in the order fulfilment industry, they can take various types of orders, no matter their size or weight. When a client hires them to ship a package, they will assess all the factors influencing the process and according to them, they will decide what the best method of delivery is. The factors that influence the delivery method can vary from the content of the package, to weather and to the destination of the parcel. STRD LLC collaborates with companies that need their products to be delivered to their clients’ addresses. In order for their partners to be satisfied and their clients to get the best services, STRD LLC offers them all to the tracking data and order status. Both the sender and the client will be able to check the information related to their order. Companies from multiple domains choose to transport their goods with this order fulfilment provider because it has relationships with reliable brands in the industry like DHL, OnTrack, FedEx or UPS.

They list their services at affordable prices on their website because of their relationship with reliable carriers. All the orders placed on their website are evaluated by a state-of-art order fulfilment system that establishes the shipper and method used for delivering the products. STRD LLC offers great discounts to their clients, no matter the volume of the order. They managed to remain competitive on the market because they are able to deliver their orders faster than other order fulfilment companies are. They know that the key to haveing happy clients is to deliver their parcel as fast as possible. For example, if a package reaches the distribution centre before 2:00 pm they will do their best to deliver it to the address on the same day. They can do so because they have a vast network of warehouses; they have shipment bases in every state. By placing the parcel in the closer proximity of their clients, they are able to reduce the transport time and to save money.

When working in the order fulfilment industry it is important to focus on the services you offer to your clients, and STRD LLC is aware of this. They do their best to offer their clients the best services because this is an effective strategy to retain their clients. They collaborate with numerous online stores, but the drawback when ordering online is that the client cannot get the products the moments they pay for them. Therefore, they expect the package to be delivered to their address as soon as possible. Small companies are able to compete with famous online brands if they hire STRD LLC because they can guarantee their clients that they can send the products fast. Because the order fulfilment services are affordable, small businesses can maintain their prices at competitive rates. When receiving an order STRD LLC has professional staff to check the products and inform the client if they are experiencing problems. It is important the problem to be solved fast so the delivery time to not be influenced.