The government statistics regarding managing waste in the United Kingdom is available, meaning that each person interested in this topic can consult the information given by the main Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The statistics are updated annually, and they represent a great informational base for projects that need to be implemented in the future, since people have to take active measurements for noticing visible results later on. See below some facts about waste managements in UK and learn about the existence of a registered waste company in this area.

Household recycling

The very first problem that occurs in the process of waste management would be the household recycling process. UK is well-known for how waste and rubbish is handled in this area. No matter what are you interested in, you should know that recycling is absolutely paramount and there is no reason for avoiding doing it. For instance, you can get informed about every waste collection services in your area which will tremendously help you out with completing this process as you are supposed to. The government created certain statistics to help you out understand why wasting is so important in this area and why so many companies out there are trying to cover as many areas as possible to fight against pollution.

The companies that deal with household recycling include handling the general waste, soil, rubble or even hardcore waste. Paper and cardboard are both included into this type of recycling and metal or wood are not exceptions either. Yet, be careful when choosing your waste recycling company, because not all of them are officially registered. Gather as much information as you can, related to the company you are choosing to take care of this service for you and make sure you do follow the rules implied in the recycling process yourself.

Collected waste

The government will take care of the collected household waste statistics and will also list the registered companies. Since these statistics are being handled annually, you might want to compare the results in the past five years to see what difference the apparition of different companies in several locations actually had. For instance, compare the total residual value in 2010 with the total residual value in 2017 and look for 2018 predictions. If everyone would respect the rules implied, waste management will no longer be something that needs to be included in people’s daily lives, but it will become part of what they are doing naturally. When the recycling services are chosen right, there will be nothing else to be worried about.

Don’t forget to check waste management statistics related to dry recycling, food waste and other organics separately. The amount of waste is calculated in thousand tons and can be compared in yearly graphics. There is also a category for textiles, plastics and other materials of such which are more difficult to recycle.  Choose the company you need wisely and you’ll no longer carry the weight of waste on your shoulders.