Yes. You should. Many businesses opt out of using storage units. But really, a storage unit has many advantages. And sometimes, it’s necessary for your business, depending on your activities.

For example…

Physical Product Storage.

A lot of businesses sell non-physical services. But there are many who do sell hard items that need to be stored… If your store or vendor lacks storage space, you’ll need to rent one. Especially to store supply packaging for your thriving enterprise.

When Your Store is at Home…

A lot of stores operate exclusively online. They follow a model of taking online orders, then shipping the physical product to the customer…

The problem with that model though is that you still need storage space. This where a storage unit comes in. You can store the supplies you receive, without clogging up your home. And as your business grows, you might need to rent out more units. It depends on your needs and what you sell.

Saving Up Space – Increasing Productivity.

Clogging up your home is uncomfortable enough. Yet – you can still work as an individual, in such a situation. But in a normal office, the opposite will be true. People need space and privacy to work effectively. And clogging up the environment is too much… It’s stressful enough dealing with people, the demands of work, and minimal space. At your social office, you might have items that you don’t use or need. Or, you might be suffering from an inefficient use of space!

Desks and Cabinets Everywhere.

A lot of businesses use cabinets, desks, and closets to store stuff in-office. Unfortunately, such measures take up a lot of space. They also encourage the storage of useless items. For example, your cabinets and closets might have a lot of documents you don’t need… They might have a lot of documents that could’ve been digitized. So that’s another reason to get a storage unit. It saves space, decreases stress on workers, and increases productivity.

Changing Business Locations.

Let’s say you’re moving offices. Or let’s say you’re going out of business, and you want to sell your business equipment…

Where can you put the items till you sell them? The answer would be  storage units near you.

If you’re changing your address, you need a place for temporary item storage. In fact, you might need a place to store stuff that won’t fit in your new office. After all, you might be downsizing. You could be cutting employees and office space. As for going out of business, selling furniture takes time. And your office’s landlord might not be too happy about you waiting to sell before getting out. So with a storage unit, you get convenience and easy mobility. It’s easy to move your business and reorganize yourself.

Rules of a Storage Space.

To start off, the space must close to your office. You don’t want to drive 30 minutes to 1hr, just to transport or pick up items. This will damage your productivity. Especially if you’re picking up heavy items. It also makes it easy to maintain your stored space. You’ll have to ventilate or clean out your space every now and then. And you don’t want to commute just to do that.

A 2nd rule is to learn about item shelf life and materials. Some storage spaces might not be heat insulated enough.

And a lot of storage units have no ventilation for your stored items. Items that can go bad should not be stored. But items that can last a long-time, without damage, should be stored.

You can store hard plastics, hardwood, vinyl, paper, certain oils, electronics, and some machines. But items such as foods and degradable compounds shouldn’t be stored.

A 3rd rule is size.

Don’t pick storage spaces that can’t house your items. And if you need to rent more than 1 unit, then simply do so. For example, if you’re handling a lot of furniture, you’ll likely need more than 1 unit. And if possible, you should look for single large units.

Where Can I Find a Suitable Storage Unit?

Start by searching online. We recommend you begin with the 1st rule of location. Location matters the most out of every other storage rule… To find the closest spots, search storage units near you,  in Google. Also, add in your city and block, if you don’t get sufficient results.

This should give you options close enough to the location of your office!