If you are looking for a car that can be suitable for business purposes, then this is your answer: a used Nissan Juke. Even though you might consider that used cars are not as qualitative as new ones, you are quite wrong. When the brand you are buying is qualitative enough it will handle well the necessities of both the first and the second owner. All you have to do is trust the car and maintain it well and it will last for years and years. In case you are looking for used Nissan juke for sale in Los Angeles, then simply start searching the internet for all the second-hand car companies in the area. Here are some specifications of the new Nissan Juke and why you should take it into account as a business car:

Price and basics

The medium-sized SUV cannot be more appropriate for business matters that any other car. Firstly, you can find this car as a second-hand option so you don’t have to pay the full price of almost $25000 at once. When buying cars for business purposes it would be a waste to pay that much on them simply because you are probably going to change them really soon, depending on your needs and employees. Nissan Juke comes in four doors and can host up to 5 passengers. It is equipped with a 1.6 litre turbocharge four-cylinder engine and it can reach up to 190 horsepower. Of course, the car comes with a CVT automatic transmission for the best driving experience you can get.


When getting in this car you will feel the nice touch of luxury. With 6 integrated speakers, steering wheel controls and a capable radio system that rocks features like USB connection ports for iDevices or streaming audio via Bluetooth you won’t need anything else while driving. Also, say goodbye to the stressful task of searching your key every time you are approaching the car with the remote keyless entry that the Nissan Juke offers. In addition, you should not worry about safety either because there is a panic button to help you out in difficult times and an electronic stability control modern system. The side impact beans are improved compared to older cars and the airbag occupancy sensor Is much more sensitive than it used to be. Make good use of the ABS and traction control system.