If you’re considering working with bespoke adhesive tape suppliers for the first time, chances are you have a fair few questions you’d first like answers to.  Particularly if you are sourcing the adhesive product for important business purposes, you don’t want to take any chances. So you find yourself consulting the web for advice and guidance, but in doing so find that there’s a world of confusing and conflicting information doing the rounds.

As is the case with most things, there’s a world of assumptions and suggestions doing the rounds right now with regard to industrial adhesives that simply aren’t true. Even in the case of those that may seem to be common sense, it’s important to take heed of the facts before deciding which way to go. Once again, this is particularly important if you are planning to use the product in question for some kind of important business purpose.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of just a few of the most common myths and untruths on the subject of industrial adhesives you may or may not already come across:

1. Generic Adhesives Are Just as Good

First of all, if was is true to say the generic adhesives were just as good as custom adhesives, there would be absolutely no reason for the best custom adhesive companies in the UK to exist. Likewise, nor would there be any reason for thousands of businesses spanning any number of industries to be completely reliant on the products they design and produce. The simple fact of the matter is that whereas generic adhesives are designed to carry out various roles to a satisfactory extent, custom adhesives are designed to do one job flawlessly.  Which in turn means that whatever it is you need it for, you can pretty much guarantee that a custom adhesive will get the job done better.

2. Industrial Adhesives Are Far Too Dangerous

It’s natural to assume that industrial adhesives are dangerous, given the fact that in many instances they are used for the creation of extraordinarily strong and perhaps permanent bonds. Nevertheless, industrial adhesives are just like all other products and processes in industrial environments – they’re as safe or unsafe as you make them. If industrial adhesives are handled and used appropriately, they do not need to be in any way unsafe. That said, if you choose to ignore the manufacturers guidelines and simply make things up as you go along, of course you are going to put yourself on those around you in danger.

3. Industrial Adhesives Are Difficult to Use

Quite to the contrary, what are the primary purpose is of industrial adhesive products is that they are comparatively simple to use. The reason being that as already stated, that the adhesive products are designed and manufactured directly in accordance with your own exact needs and circumstances. From the way the adhesive works to the size and shape of the adhesive tape and so on, these products really are designed to both simplify and enhance whatever it is you do.

4. Traditional Joining Methods Are Just as Good

While it’s true to say the traditional joining methods like welding and mechanical fixings can get the job done, the right industrial adhesive can prove beneficial in many ways. Whether looking to reduce final product weight, increase the speed of the production process, improve overall efficiency or generally contribute to product consistency, you might be surprised just how many advantages industrial adhesive products can offer.

5. Industrial Adhesives Are Too Expensive

While a custom adhesive product from a leading manufacturer of may be more expensive than a generic adhesive, it’s important to consider what you get in terms of value for money. As already mentioned, the fact that you are able to speed up the production process, improve the quality of your products and generally enhance efficiency speaks for itself. On top of this, when considering costs on a join by join basis, it has been proved time and time again that industrial adhesives are uniquely affordable and cost-effective.

6. The Order Process Is Complicated and Time-Consuming

Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of thinking that in order to procure the perfect custom adhesive, you already need to be an expert in custom adhesive products. Instead, all you need to know is exactly what it is that you need the adhesive to do, in order to take your requests to a leading manufacturer and have them take things over on your behalf.