The market of household appliances is constantly growing in size and popularity because people are more and more aware of the convenience and utility of these devices. If, back in the days, people were only purchasing items that were of utmost importance, nowadays, they buy appliances that are convenient and make their life easier. The latest household appliances market trends reveal people’s preferences when it comes to purchasing the items they use at home.

Energy-efficient appliances will continue to grow in popularity

The main concern people have regarding their appliances is how much electricity they use because no one wants to increase their electricity bill. The government supports this idea by introducing stricter regulations in terms of energy efficiency. Clothes dryers, in particular, arouse concern because they require the most electricity and people often avoid purchasing them. Although the dryer can never be an energy-efficient unit, you can now find models with shorter drying cycles or turn-off features to reduce energy consumption. The water waste is also a matter of interest so the appliances that use water are also becoming more water saving.

People buy more functional appliances

Built-in and portable models that save space, multi-functional units that perform two tasks at a time, compact versions that offer the same convenience, or appliances with high-tech features that offer the ultimate functionality are the top choices of people who want to equip their homes with smart units. People are paying more attention to the practical side of the appliances they use at home.

The most popular appliances are health and lifestyle related

The most popular appliances used to be the ones that eased everyday living like the refrigerator, washing machine, or coffee maker. Today, people also prefer items that improve their health like massage devices and body fat scales, as well as devices that enhance their aspect or add comfort to their lifestyle.

Internet retailing is in a continuous growth

If people used to go to the appliances store whenever they needed to buy a new product, the internet has made things a lot easier for them and they can now order their favorite item and have it shipped at their door. Internet retailing is enjoying a continuous growth because people appreciate the comfort it provides. Studies show that online appliances retail has increased by 280% during the years 2008 and 2013.