Digit is a popular company that works in the logistics field. They offer different sorts of creative solutions to logistics problems, for both businesses and people. Digit has an extensive expertise in this field, offering their clients the possibility to solve any issue related to logistics in the most efficient manner. Digit (Elmaxio.com) uses a specialized software to help clients with managing and assessing all the relevant details for deliveries. Everything is individualized considering the client’s needs and requirements. Digit focuses on their well-trained staff and management team. Customer service is also in the center of attention because the company always asks for feedback for the customers they work with, to see if they can improve their services in any way.

The company uses advanced protocols in order to respect all the tasks they have, to carry out the instructions they receive in the most appropriate way and to fulfill all the orders in the right parameters. Digit also offers a plan B for any kind of situation that might show up in the process. For instance, if specific situations unexpectedly arise, this logistics company is ready for solving the issue rapidly. This is a feature that should be appreciated by customers because it saves them a lot of time, money and effort. Digit handles any problem that occurs, without requiring you to intervene.

Digit (Elmaxio.com) uses complex Transportation Management Systems to ensure efficient communication between carriers for staying up to date with the status of each shipment made. Tracking so many packages at once in an effective manner and handling delayed or canceled shipments is a necessity to make sure that customers are happy with the services offered. Transportation Management Systems help Digit to compose a strict schedule for their deliveries and carefully assess each issue. This is the reason why shipping programs are flexible, allowing customers the possibility to accommodate shipments for their own convenience.

This company also runs inspections in the available facilities. Inspections are highly important for all packages, and Digit is focusing on preventing any problems from appearing instead of solving the issue afterward. The approach they adopt is proactive and the operations at Digit are complex and well-thought. This way, the company is making sure that all customers are happy with the services they receive.

For receiving and tracking, Digit (Elmaxio.com) inspects packages for damage. Any issue is later addressed and solved. For each package, Digit uses barcodes to keep track of the information of each parcel. The barcodes are scanned with the help of an RF scanner, which is a very accurate method to identify data related to a specific delivery. In addition, Digit uses an EDI notification system to let clients know what’s the status of their delivery. This is very important for businesses that depend on accurate delivery times. To evaluate the services offered to customers, Digit has a system for Key Performance Indicators, meaning that they can provide reports with specific parameters. The parameters can be selected by customers to suit their individual needs.