From time to time, everyone needs a break so they will be able to relax and leave behind all the stress from work. Your team of coworkers or employees surely need to recharge their batteries and some time spent outside the office can help them become better friends while relieving the tension gathered after a restful time. Energize your team with these creative team building activities that will improve their mood.

Take them surfing

A nice visit to the ocean side can do wonders for the overall condition of your coworkers and surfing would be an excellent opportunity for them to spend some quality free time together. Each team member can have a stand up paddle board or they can share the same large board and struggle to stay balanced, which is a fun experience. Even if they are not professional surfers, this will be a great full body workout that will improve their health conditions, will help them relax and bring out the competitive spirit in them.

Play a question game

If your team consists of people who have known each other for a long time, they are probably friends and they know a lot about each other so this game will turn out to be very fun. You can ask each one to write on a paper a question about something that has happened to them and ask the others to guess whose experience it was. This will show how well your team mates know each other and it’s a great opportunity to find out new things about them.

Go to a paintball course

An excellent way to energize your team is to play sports and paintball is one of the funniest and most entertaining sports. Take your team to a paintball course where they can play, run, and shoot each other with small balls of paint. This will allow them to relieve their tension and express their emotions in an environment outside the office.

Play matching words

This team game involves making pairs of 2 words like slat and pepper, black and white, yin and yang, and so on and write each word on a paper that you will stick to each person’s back without them knowing the word. They will then have to walk around asking questions about what is written on their back and find their pair.