Building a strong marketing strategy for your accounting firm is something mandatory, if you want your business to grow and your client base to increase. However, as important as this is, it is also extremely complicated and cannot be done without specialized help. You need to work with professionals that understand what being a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is and can share with you the expectations of potential customers, to help you get a real insight of the industry. This is what you will find if you visit But since marketing does not mean only building a brand and advertising it, there are many other things you need to know and do. Actually, the brand is just the tip of the iceberg, and a healthy and complex strategy goes way behind.

See where you stand

To begin with, what you should do is conuct a complex audit on your accounting company. Try to find out what is your position at the moment, how are your competitors doing and how you can change to reach their level and even become better. Self analysis is extremely important as the first step of any improvement process, so make sure you do not skip it. All the information gathered will help you see what is the marcket niche you can and will approach.

Invest in education

When it comes to marketing, if you want to perform you need to invest in educating yourself. And while the main practices are the same regardless the industry, accounting companies have to find out the strategies that will work best for them. Developing directions to reach a certain niche is not easy, which is why you have to adapt your knowledge to your field of activity. Take time to find out what you can do with your website, how social media can help you increase client base and improve customer service, why search engine optimization is important or how to implement the best case practices, previously tested by others. Of course, you will need professional support, to teach you how to market accounting and CPA services. 

Become what your customers need

The point is not making potential customers acknowledge their needs, but realizing you are what they need to solve their issues. This, again, starts by understanding them and personalize your services to answer their needs before they even request your help. You have to present yourself as a trustworthy and skilled company, one that is able to eliminate their problems and get new leads and prospects. The key to success is trust: building a trust based relationship with people you interact with is the first stage to branding. Offer the best value for money, be there when they need you and you will soon become a vital part of their business.

All in all, what you must remember is that marketing for accounting firms is not easy, but it can be done with the right help. Educate yourself, get the best people by your side and soon enough, your business will grow.